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[Official] Roleplay Zone
The server is an unrestricted open map, giving you the freedom to travel around all of San Andreas. However, we do have a Roleplay Zone and inside of this area is where ALL OF YOUR ROLEPLAY must happen. Outside of this zone can be used whether you want to drive around on your own or if you're being chased by police, you may head out of the zone with the chase. If you're caught in a situation where you're kidnapped and brought outside the zone, you can make an admin report and it'll be forced to return to the zone. 

Please note: No businesses or houses will be found outside of this zone.

The zone is in place to cut the map in size so it can stay relatively small so people who are trying to find others to roleplay with do not have a difficult job at doing so. Below is an image which shows where you're allowed to roleplay and what is considered outside of this zone.

RED = Roleplay zone

GREY = Outside of the zone

[Image: esOEURC.png]

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