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[Official] Information, guidelines and rules
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Los Angeles Roleplay - Faction Guidelines, Info and Rules

This thread servers as a guideline to all players on the server who wish to create a faction. Legal or illegal. If you're looking to become official, you must follow these guidelines. No exceptions made.


  1. Create a post within General Faction Discussion titled with your faction name.
  2. Post some kind of background to your faction inside your thread. 
  3. Establish OOC rules and regulations that members must abide if they want to join such as; the leading members reserve the right to Character Kill any member of the faction, by joining you agree to this.
  4. Attach a screenshot of your ingame hangout spot and the story behind why your faction hangs out there on the thread so members of the community know where to find you if they wish to roleplay to join the faction.
  5. Post regular replies on the thread with screenshots of the roleplay happening within the faction. This will be reviewed by Faction Management to see if you're eligible to become official.

Faction Rules

All ingame rules apply to every member of a faction. However, when you join a faction or run a faction, extra responsibilities are given to you as you're a back bone of roleplay within the community. 

  1. You MUST be active on the forums and ingame. This doesn't mean hours every single day. It does mean that your post cannot be abandoned for months. If you do not post every third day on your thread displaying your factions roleplay, you're not going to be selected by management to become official. If you don't post within two weeks, you'll be PM'ed by Faction Management on the forums regarding the inactivity. If nothing is done after that point, your faction will be locked and archived, you'll need to start from the beginning.
  2. We don't have any requirements such as 'You need 5 people to open a faction' or 'Level 5 to open a faction'. We believe opening the faction will lead to those things. We do however require you to be knowledgeable on the server rules and community rules. 
  3. When you join a faction or run a faction, you have an obligation to keep that faction running. All members must post roleplay screenshots, not just the owner. 
  4. Faction rules will be changed regularly as new issues appear, it is on faction members to keep up to date with these rules.
  5. As a faction member, you're expected to roleplay to the best of your ability and make an enjoyable experience for those within and outside of your faction. 

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