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[Official] Player Report Format
If you've been in a situation with another player in game or on the forums and you believe they've broken any of the rules, you can place a player report which will be dealt with by an admin. Both sides will be allowed to give their version of what happened, unless there is hard evidence that one player broke the rules. An admin will come to a conclusion and give out necessary punishment. Any punishment given by an admin is final and complaining about it may get yourself into trouble.

False made up reports will lead to an admin jail on the person who makes the report. 

In order to make a report, you MUST have some form of evidence. It's not an admins job to go find proof of rule breaking if you believe you were deathmatched. It is on the player to gather proof and attach it to the report. A report with no evidence will be scrapped without review.

Reports need to be titled ''REPORTERS NAME reporting ACCUSED PLAYERS NAME''

Your ingame name:
Player you are reporting:
Time of incident:

Rule broken:

Explain briefly what happened (max 200 words):

Attach evidence [screenshot/video only]:

Your desired outcome:

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